Hi, my name is Olga and I am offering P.Shine manicure and Classic pedicure for you. I do P.Shine and Pedi in your home. I do these procedures in Maynard and 5 miles radius from Maynard. Surcharge for gas over 5 miles from Maynard.....$0,3/mile (will be calculated based on round trip)

For your orders please use e-mail japanesenailscare@yahoo.com or text messages only on the phone # 978-875-4226 please


Is pure natural method for strenghtening natural nails. It is traditional Japanese method of nail care, well known around the world in these days. The principle is in applying and polishing paste which contains beeswax, beebread and siliceous clay, which is mined in Japan Sea. This procedure is finished with glazing the nail powder. This method provides a faster growth, regeneration and nail strength. The effect is noticeable already after the first aplication, the nails shine and look healthy. Attention gentlemen: This method of nailcare is very famous with men all around the world.

Four hundred years ago the aristocratic ladies of Japan discovered manicure secrets which gave their nails the delicate luster of rare pink pearl. Today, we borrow from those ancient beauty secrets. P. Shine introduces a unique new manicure process which gives that same legendary luster, blush and strength in nails...naturally, without nail polish or synthetic chemicals of any kind. Buffing with specially formulated compounds stimulates blood circulation in the finger tips. This and the natural shine give nails an outstanding appearance. Natural pink luster becomes deeper and deeper with regular P. Shine usage.

Price: P.Shine...$25 (The prodecure takes approximately 30-45 minutes.)

  • enjoy a warm relaxing essentional foot soak in foot bath,
  • insolves detailed callous removal, skin exfoliation,
  • includes nail shaping and cuticule care,
  • light moisturizing relaxing foot massage,
  • finished with colorless polish...
Price: Classic pedicure...$25 (The prodecure takes approximately 30-45 minutes.)